Don't cheat, be smart!

In this article, I want to share with you some great tips about how to quickly improve your Virtual Pro in the Fifa game. Many people are using cheat codes and tools to gain experience with their Virtual Pro. But this is very dangerous, because Fifa is currently trying to bring down cheaters. Indeed, people suspected with cheating have completely disappeared from the championship board and some have been banned also.

These tips are completely safe, meaning that you will not risk anything by using them, because it is authorized by the game. They are just some quick tricks that you would have never thought of.

First, you can try to complete the achievements in the Arena section. The further you go, the harder they will get. The free kicks from the middle of the yard can be quite difficult to achieve. I have got the solution for this. Just activate the second controller, so you will be able to move the goalkeeper. Now, just take a shot at the free kick and see how easy it is to complete an achievement!

You can also apply this trick with the help of a friend. He will have to move his goalkeeper far away from the goal, so that your Virtual Pro can then complete the task. Try it!

Of course, if you want to use cheat codes and stuff, no one is stopping you. I have found a very good one, which I tested myself. As of today, Fifa hasn’t suspected me yet and it seems like other people using this cheat are safe too. To get the Fifa 12 Virtual Pro Hack, just go on

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